9. Luz Saint-Sauveur

A fashionable spa town in the 19th century, Luz Saint Sauveur lies about 30 kilometers from Lourdes on the Gave de Pau. At an altitude of 685 meters, the town is located where the Pyrenees begin to ascend into high mountain terrain on the route up to Gavarnie. The town has an interesting 12th-century fortified church featuring an ornate Romanesque doorway. Overlooking the town is the Château Sainte-Marie, one of the most remarkable remains of the Pays Toy history. The site of the ruins offer breathtaking views on the valley of Luz and this picturesque mountain location. It is freely accessible by foot from Esquièze-Sère. Luz Saint Sauveur is a 20 minute drive from Le Belvedere.