3. Saint Jean du Luz - French fishing village

Saint-Jean-de-Luz bay is situated to the east of the Bay of Biscay. It is the only sheltered bay between Arcachon and Spain. Thanks to its strong sea walls or dykes that protect the town from the full savagery of the Atlantic Ocean, it has become a favorite for bathers across the Basque Coast. The port town is several centuries old, with the most prominent point in its history being the marriage in 1660 of Louis XIV and the Spanish princess Maria Teresa. Safe clean beaches, high quality hotels, a thalassotherapie spa, swimming pools, a casino and shops open all year round have made Saint Jean du Luz a favourite destinantion for the people of southern France. Just 2 hour drive from Le Belvedere it is a great day trip destination but there are countless of accommodation options if you choose to stay a little longer.