1. Alquezar - Spain

Situated on a limestone outcrop of the canyon of the Rio Vero in the Sierra y Cañones de Guara Natural Park, the village grew up around a castle and the Collegiate church of Santa Maria, which was consecrated in 1099. The name of the village comes from the Arabic ‘al qaçr’ meaning "fort" or "castle". The castle was the main defense point of the nearby city of Barbastro. Since Alquézar is situated in the Natural Park, there are plenty of options for outdoor enthusiasts. Popular activities include canyoning, walking, rock climbing and abseiling. The region is well known for its wine-making and there are more than 60 limestone caves with prehistoric cave paintings in the surrounding area, giving the area it's World Heritage Site listing. The 4 hour drive from Le Belvedere is through some spectacular countryside and there are plenty of options for overnight accommodation in the region.