Top 10 Culinary Experiences

Whether you are eating out or at home, do not hesitate to experience the regional cuisine. Le Belvedere's well appointed kitchen is the perfect place to prepare a French feast. Southern France is famous for its Basque influenced cuisine, including trout, garbures, cheese, cured hams, crusty breads and some of the most exquisite pastries, and be sure and sample the wares from one of the ubiquitous street crepe vendors. With an abundance of restaurants to experience, the options are too many to list, so we’ve shortlisted our guest’s top 10 favourite culinary experiences. A word of advice, many of the region’s restaurants and cafes close around midday and reopen between 2pm and 3pm. So make sure you bear this in mind when planning your day’s sight seeing and activities.


1. Food Market, every Tuesday Argelese Gazost town centre

Cheeses, cured meats, the freshest poultry and vegetables, garbures and crusty French bread, nothing compares to a traditional French food market for variety and freshness. Being so close to the Spanish border too, there is a distinctive Basque influence in much of the produce. Whether it’s a sumptuous take away Spanish paella, a French galette or preparing your own feast at home in Le Belvedere’s country kitchen, a visit to the local market in Argelese Gazost is right up there on our list of culinary experiences.


2. Auberge le Cabaliros ***

16 Rue de l'Église, 65400 Arcizans-Avant

Serving deliciously simple and authentic regional dishes paired with local wines. View from the terrace is spectacular during the warm summer months while the open hearth fire makes for a warm welcome during the cold winters.

+33 5 62 97 04 31 | |


3. L’Abri Du Benques ***

Pyrénées National Park, Route de la Raillère, 65110 Cauterets

Contemporary french cuisine in a magical setting on the Pont d'Espagne mountain road surrounded by rushing streams.

+33 5 62 92 50 15 |


4. Auberge la Couquelle ***

5 Route de Tournaboup, 65120 Barèges, France

An excellent little restaurant open every day for lunch. Bookings essential on Fridays, weekends and in winter. Highly recommend: The Braserade

+33 5 62 92 68 15


5. Hotel Restaurant Le Viscos ***

1 Rue Lamarque, 65400 Saint-Savin

Michelin level restaurant in the Romanesque village of Saint Savin. Stunning views across the valley, serving refined regional cuisine with local wines.

+33 5 62 97 02 28 |


6. Chez Louisette ***

Le Lienz, 65120 Barèges

An authentic mountain bistro, a magical experience in the winter snow. Highly recommended: house specialty Garbure.

+33 5 62 92 67 17 |


7. La Tasca **

7 Place Saint-Clément, 65120 Luz-Saint-Sauveur

Typical little French restaurant - wonderful!

+33 5 62 92 96 22 |


8. Local Restaurant - La Forge **

3 Place du Foirail, 65400 Argelès-Gazost

Located in the village of Argelese Gazost. Really good and inexpensive. Local cuisine, crepes and really good pizzas. Recommend: Beef fondue

+33 5 62 97 52 55


9. Des Petits Pois Sont Rouges **

44 Avenue des Pyrénées, Quartier thermal, 65400 Argelès-Gazost

Located in the village of Argelese Gazost. Modern style restaurant with an original menu. Excellent food and wines at affordable prices. Good service. Book in advance, because busy!

+33 5 62 97 01 26 |


10. L’arrieulat, Auberge des Pyrenees **

28 Avenue des Pyrénées, 65400 Argelès-Gazost

Located in the village of Argelese Gazost. The menu features dishes prepared with fresh local produce, meats and trout from the neighbouring farms.

+33 5 62 97 14 48