Salles Argeles - experience the magic of mountain life.

The French Pyrenees is the last remaining wilderness in southern Europe that is as well known for its stunning mountain scenery and beautiful countryside as it is for its distinctive Basque influenced cuisine. The beautiful location of Salles Argeles puts the very best of the Pyrenees at your fingertips. Nestled in the mountains amongst rolling cornfields, the village is home to Le Belvedere. Offering authentic French style, family accommodation in Vallée d'Argelès-Gazost, LeBelvedere is the perfect location from which to experience the best that Haute Pyrenees has to offer including canyoning, hiking, cycling, skiing, exploring the area’s history, a family reunion, a wedding party or a pilgrimage to the historic location of Lourdes.

A traditional Pyrenean mountain village.

Le Belvedere is a significant part of the heritage of the 11th century village of Salles located within the ancient noble Fiefdom of Arzaas and was the most important of the 10 villages in the Valley.At the heart of village is the Chateau of Arzaas which is still in use today, and aside from the few new residences, much of the village has remained unchanged for centuries. During this time each village was linked by the small paths, still in existence today, suitable only for walking and it was this foot traffic that led to the importance and name of the village. In the 14th C a new path constructed suitable for carts to Argeles Gazost where the farmers market had stood since the 12th C and consequently the well-used paths in the Valley of Bergons were bypassed through Argeles. These paths to Salles became less used and more neglected in favour of the cart path through Argeles-Gazost which in time became the principle village in the valley. However as Salles was still the seat of the Nobles of Arzaas, their chateau and lands situated in the heart of the village, Salles still remained the second most important village in the Valley. Like many of the Pyrenean mountain villages, Salles is still linked to nearby villages via a network of walk trails that cut through forests, crop fields and streams... well worth exploring. Download the local amenities map for local restaurants, supermarkets and services.