Wilderness, Wine, Gastronome
8 days in the spectacular French Pyrenees

By popular demand, Master Chef Alain Fabrégues has extended the opportunity for you to join him at The French house in September.


The French Pyrenees is the last remaining wilderness in southern Europe that is as well known for its stunning mountain scenery and beautiful countryside as it is for its distinctive Basque influenced cuisine and natural healing waters. The beautiful location of Salles-Argeles puts the very best of the Pyrenees at your fingertips. Nestled in the mountains amongst rolling cornfields, the village is home to the historic 300 year old Maison d’Maitre Le Belvedere.

Offering an intense authentic French style experience in the Haute Pyrenees Vallée d'Argelès-Gazost, Le Belvedere is the perfect location from which to experience the intensity the Haute Pyrenees has to offer. The seasons, landscapes, mountains, streams and villages are adorned with unique and different appearances. The light is ever changing and the charming atmosphere seems almost suspended out of time… whilst everything else happens elsewhere at full speed.


Expand your culinary skills in our French kitchen, creating delicious meals from the elegant candlelit dinners to casual barbeques on the front terrace – or picnics in the exquisite Pyrenean countryside.

We have created an ambiance to match the location with a sense of style, comfort and understated luxury that is both inviting and intimate. Le Belvedere has coupled this exceptional experience with the genius of Master Chef Alain Fabrégues, a natural chef, whose unique relationship with the Pyrenees comes from summer holidays spent in the mountains as a child with his family.

Alain’s restaurants, The Loosebox and Bistro des Artistes have won many awards and prizes, and have been renowned around the country. In 1991 Alain became a holder of the prestigious ‘Meiller Ouvrier De France’ the highest honour attainable by a craftsman,and is now prevented from entering any personal competitions. Since then, Presidents Mitterand and Chirac each awarded Alain, by decree, a knighthood.

Meilleur Ouvrier de France 1991 ( M.O.F ) | Chevalier de L Ordre du Mérite Agricole ( 1994 ) | Chevalier du Mérite National ( 2004 )


Experience the best of France staying in this classic country home

Set on a stunning one acre property in Salles Argeles with a location that commands exhilarating mountain views, Le Belvedere has it all. The alfreso/deck area features a gas BBQ, day beds and outdoor dining. A raised deck overlooks the swimming pool and lawned area of the lower gardens which are shaded by giant Horsechestnut trees.